A Hat Finishes the Story

Chris Khrais knows how to put together a man’s wardrobe. The couturier of men’s clothing has been selling clothes since 1984, initially working out of the trunk of his car in Tulsa.  Now the owner of Pinpoint Resource Fine Wear, Khrais sells pants, jackets, shirts and suits, but he says no outfit is finished without the right hat to go with it. “It completes you,” Khrais explained.


In 2009, Khrais moved his haberdashery from North Penn Plaza to its current location at 50 Penn Place, located across the street from Penn Square Mall. The shopping center houses only a few retail businesses these days, but it serves as the perfect environment for a clothing store that’s bringing back a style from a seemingly bygone age. 

Around the time that Khrais moved Pinpoint Resources to its current home, he began to hear from his customers that they wanted something more from him than just clothes.

“My customers were always asking me for hats, so I started carrying hats,” Khrais said. “I started with a few of them and I found I was getting good results.  Then I went a little bit extra - I started carrying more and more hats and really getting into it as well. As you can see by my display, I have tried to be more creative.”

Pinpoint Resources stocks a selection of as many as 100 hats, but none are baseball caps, visors or snapbacks. Even though the casual look seems to be the preferred style of many men, Khrais caters to the gentleman who wants to look sharp and turn heads when he steps outside his door.  Pinpoint Resource’s inventory includes such styles as fedoras, the trilby, the Panama, bowlers, the flat cap and the pork pie – all classic styles from the past, but perfect for the man whose personal style is timeless.

“I'm learning from my customers, believe it or not,” Khrais said. “They are the ones teaching me about hats, especially the older guys who have been wearing them for a long, long time. They tell me what's right and what's in.”

Khrais has watched as the trend in hat wear has slowly started to move back toward a bold and a more personally distinctive look as men seek to stand out from the crowd.  It's not just athletes and celebrities who are adopting the look.  Pinpoint Resource will soon start a service that will allow its customers to make their hats into even more of a personal statement.  “It's going to be every person has his own hats. We'll take the hat; we'll work some kind of design on to it.” Khrais said. “It will be your hat only; it will be something different. Something that no one else has. It's going to be artwork. It's going to be like one of a kind, made just for you.”

What a man chooses to wear is telling a story to the outside world. From the shirt all the way down to shoes and socks, he is informing the world who he is and what he is about.  To Khrais, the right hat completes the look and finishes the story.

Pinpoint Resource is located on the second floor 50 Penn Place and open every day from 10:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. except Sundays, when the shop opens at 12:30 p.m.You can call Chris at (405) 767-9700 or shop online at Pinpointwear.com.

photos: Michael Kinney