Design Speaks: Let Travel Inspire Your Home

Summer is in full swing and if you are anything like me, I love to get out of town and enjoy some other climates and sights during this time of the year in Oklahoma! Traveling is one of the best ways to relax, let the stresses of home melt away and create memories with friends and family. Unfortunately with the blink of an eye you are back to the grind.

Don’t let your next trip pass you by without finding a perfect momento to bring home and incorporate into your home. Most people pick up a coffee mug or shot glass and into the drawer it goes without ever being seen again. There is nothing wrong with this method (although the anti-hoarding side of me is hyperventilating just thinking about it), but I think these reminders are valuable and I want you to have a smile on your face each time that you see them – that means out in the open for you to admire.

My favorite place for these more personal items is in the private places in your home. Think Master bedroom or bathroom, think Guest bedroom or bath. Those places that only your closest friends and family will see give you great memories to talk about or experiences to share.

I suggest bringing back your trip in one of a few key ways:

  1. The Collectible: Finding that perfect sculpture or sentimental item that will remind you of the beautiful culture or environment from your trip is a great way to keep the trip fresh in your mind. For those who read regularly you know my aversion to clutter SO if this is the one that you select make sure they are substantial pieces that won’t get lost in your décor or create clutter. There are so many innovative ways to display the perfect piece or pieces. One of the ways that I like to display pieces like this is behind glass in more of a museum feeling. The guys down at City Glass in downtown OKC have created so many creative shelves and displays for those pieces that command attention. It also keeps the grandkids from using precious artifacts as toys…

  2. The Fabric: There are so many stunning fabrics across the world. Consider bringing a true piece of art home with you – an article of clothing or a bed linen doesn’t have to maintain it’s original purpose or shape. The talented folks at Harrison Fabrics & Drapery Co in Casady Square can assist you in all of your fabric needs whether you want to take that colorful shawl your purchased on the beach and create a one-of-a-kind accent pillow or if you brought back a handmade blanket that needs a second life as drapes or an ottoman.

  3. Photos: One of the easiest ways to bring those memories home with you is photographs. Don’t let that incredible shot just live on your phone or computer! Get in your time machine and go back to when we actually printed photos! A photograph can become priceless art with the right print size and quality as well as framing perfection! The team at Framed in the Village on N May will assist you in creating a vibrant expression through the perfect frame and the ideal layers of matting.

Surrounding yourself with reminders of your travel will make you happy each time that you pass them. They are a great way to remember the great experiences you have had with friends and family and can also add depth and a curated feeling to your décor. Friends don’t let Friends drink and decorate so put down that Pina Collada or Rum Runner Special and search for that special reminder to bring paradise back to Oklahoma.